Keeping occupied

Retired and with the limitations of the pandemic, Bob now occupies himself in the garden, reading, listening to classical music, writing articles on Bible passages and maybe even taking the dog for a walk.

He has recorded childrens stories for the grand children and Bible readings.

Since he is no longer involved with food law, we may share some of these here on the website.


Bob and Food Solutions Publishing Ltd

After a number of years in business, in early 2020, the decision was taken to close Food Solutions.

Brexit, the UK withdrawal from Europe means Food Solutions liaison with the European lawmakers is no longer required. Food businesses still need to know the food law requirements and producing and selling safe food should be at the core of every food business.

Food Solutions aim was to make complying with the regulations easier. There were many noteable successes.

The Directors, John, Ian, Jane and Bob thank all those who supported them, those who provided advice and help and those who bought the books, asked the questions and contributed.