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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

Traceability and Food Safety

Traceability is not about passing the blame to someone else.  It is about finding the source of the problem and protecting the consumer. Traceability is a risk management tool that is used in containing a food safety problem.

Traceability applies to all food businesses in the food chain, even those giving away food and drink. All must keep records of their suppliers and any business customers.

Traceability laws and their role in safety of food are reviewed in the handbook. It outlines why food law has evolved in its current format, and what you must do to comply with the Regulations. Traceability regulations apply to food/drink and contact materials (packaging).

The handbook covers issues such as what records you must keep and what practical measures you must take in order to effect a product withdrawal or product recall if required as a result of a food safety incident.

Traceability is often overlooked, but should a food safety issue arise, it is essential you have the required information for the authorities. It could lose you your reputation if you cannot demonstrate due diligence.

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Chris Shrimpton, System Consultant

Traceability applies to all, even charities