Understanding HACCP, Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations


What is HACCP?

HACCP is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

The 1990 Food Safety Act and the revoked 1995 Food Act made a food hygiene control system based on the first five principles of HACCP mandatory. Food safety relies on your eliminating or controlling food safety hazards in your procedures.

In 2006 the EC Hygiene of Foodstuffs Regulation EC 852/2004 became law Europe-wide. This specifies all seven principles of HACCP.

The law does not say that you must have a HACCP system, but a permanent procedure based on the principles of HACCP.

HACCP Food Safety Checklist

Our HACCP Food Hygiene Safety checklist helps you check your food safety systems and fulfil your due diligence obligations. Regular reviews are a requirement of the HACCP principles and help demonstrate your due diligence in food safety.

Our Food Safety HACCP Checklist is included in the HACCP chapter of Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations.

Understand Food Regulations £20.

The HACCP chapter of Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations provides valuable guidance on what your business must do to comply with the regulations.

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HACCP Food Safety Checklist download

You can now download our HACCP Checklist as a standalone document for £5 from www.haccp-checklist.co.uk.

Food Safety System

HACCP Food Safety Checklist is included online within the Food Solutions Food Safety Management System. See Food Safety System page on Food Solutions website for more details.

Food Solutions has produced Advice and Training Modules available to subscribers as part of the Food Safety System. Covering a variety of topics, they offer sound advice on food hygiene and safety issues such as personal hygiene, cleaning and allergens.

To subscribe to Food Solutions please contact john@food-solutions.org

Seven HACCP Principles

The seven HACCP principles mean you must:

  • identify hazards and critical control points in your processes
  • define what should happen at those points
  • record the results

You may not be able to eliminate all food safety hazards. Following a system based on HACCP principles ensures you identify and control food safety hazards to acceptable limits.

Food Solutions has begun a series on the seven HACCP principles.