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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations


Small businesses under pressure will welcome this lifeline through the apparent jungle of regulatory requirements. A remarkably clear and simple document, that has not yet been matched by many organisations representing the food industry. Not reading this book could well be the most costly mistake SME's in the food industry could make.
Mike Robinson, Membership Sector Consultant.

The EU Food Hygiene Regulations that came into force in January 2006 cover almost every aspect of food production, transport, storage and sale, and apply across the entire European Union. As such they present a formidable, but necessary, challenge especially to small and medium sized businesses that often struggle to cut through the fog of legislative jargon. This book is written in plain English and describes the Regulations in practical terms that readers at all levels can understand. Importantly, in two parts, it explains the Definitions and Scope (Who? and Why?) of the legislation, together with the Specific Rules (What? and How?) that food businesses need to adhere to. In my opinion, it is a 'must' for all those involved with the hygiene of food. Well Done!
Paul Neaves, Williams & Neaves, The Food Microbiologists.

A very useful introduction to the Food Regulations. The language and detail will be particularly clear to small businesses.
Les Bailey, Policy Officer at LACORS.

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations, a handbook for Small Food Businesses is a useful and essential reference manual/guide for the small food business. It contains 16 chapters, which cover and define the basics of good Food Hygiene needed by the target audience.  All small food businesses will find the book extremely useful. It is clearly written and the reasons for many confusing acronyms and statements are given. Especially useful is the section on Nutritional claims and conditions applying to them.
Alan Bent, London Food Centre.

Quite amazing really - this should be of great use to any business within the food industry - well done.
Chris Shrimpton, System Consultant.

Bob has taken on the challenge of trying to explain EU and UK food legislation, in plain English. It is up to the reader as to whether he has succeeded or not.

I have not only been impressed but have found this book has helped to clarify a number of different points for me. I feel that this is an extremely valuable contribution to those of us trying to understand the plethora of rules and regulations, which we in the food sector have to comply with.

My feelings are that this is a 'must have' for those working in:

  •  Environmental Health Departments.
  • Food Manufacturing and Catering students.
  • Owner/managers of Food companies.
  • Those thinking of entering the food sector.
  • Technical Departments of major food manufacturers.
  • Many others working in the food industry.

GDL Brown, Senior Partner & International ISO 9000 Auditor, BFL Consultants.

In cases of "Due Diligence", a lack of expert knowledge is no defence. This handbook to the Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations is therefore most welcomed. It will help the understanding of complex food hygiene and safety legislation, as well as increasing the knowledge of its readers.

Richard Wood, York.

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