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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

Food Equipment Requirements

The rules on Equipment look at the things that go into your buildings.  There is flexibility within the rules.

"Give us the tools and we will finish the job"- Churchill

The regulations apply to equipment used throughout the food industry, not just in large food businesses. General cooking equipment, shop equipment, butchery equipment, catering equipment, restaurant equipment, brewing equipment and refrigeration equipment are all covered by the regulations and their requirements.

Standards that may apply to food equipment are reviewed in this section of the handbook.

  • ISO standards
  • CEN standards
  • BSI standards

Guidance is provided to food business operators on choosing equipment that meets appropriate standards for use in the preparation, manufacture or sale of food. The standards ensure equipment safety, suitability and ease of cleaning.

Microwave ovens used frequently warrant special mention.

Standard approved equipment is fit for purpose - find out more