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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

Food Allergies and Allergens in food

Allergies are serious or even fatal to many people.  You have a duty to declare certain allergens and to know enough about them to warn customers.

Unsafe food may not be placed on the market if it is. Unsafe means either unfit or injurious to health. For people who suffer allergic reactions to some foods, that food is unsafe. Current law requires pre-packed food labels to declare any of the fourteen recognised allergens that are included.

Details of when, where and in what format allergen labelling should appear on product packaging and your duties regarding loose foods (restaurant meals etc) containing allergens are covered in this chapter. The potential for cross contamination in food production, official guidance on when to use "May Contain" and practical examples of allergen food safety issues and their outcomes are included.

Not reading this book could be the most costly mistake SMEs in the Food Industry could make

Mike Robinson, Membership Sector Consultant