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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

Food Safety and the Law

Food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe
(178/2002 article 14)

The Food Safety Act 1990 is still in force in UK, but most regulation now comes from EU Lawmakers. UK authorities tend to write new regulations saying they bring the conditions of the EU regulations into effect. However, costly and stringent penalties can be enforced by Food Inspectors under the Food Safety Act 1990 if food is marketed or sold, and does not meet the legal requirements to be considered ‘safe’.

No food is universally safe - you can die from an overdose of water. However food is deemed unsafe if it is:

  • injurious to health
  • unfit for human consumption

In practice, what does injurious to health and unfit mean?

Which other conditions make food unsafe?

This chapter explains what to consider when determining if food is unfit or injurious to health.

What about allergies and traceability?

Chris Shrimpton, System Consultant

Avoid penalties by knowing what your responsibilities when dealing with food.