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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

The regulations state clearly that the food business operator is legally responsible for ensuring the requirements of food law are met within the food business under their control. 

That means you.


Introduction - which Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations apply to you?

Food definitions - key terms in Food Law

Risk & food law - Risk Assessment and Hazards

Safe food - what you must do to ensure food safety

Placing your product on the market - when is your food "on the market?"

Registration with the appropriate authorities- when must you register?

HACCP – Hazard analysis critical control points - your food safety responsibilities with HACCP Checklist

Food traceability if something goes wrong - product withdrawal/recall

Food premiseswhere your food business operates

Rules for equipment you use in your food business - standards of equipment

Personal hygiene - handwashing, jewellery, illness and hygiene

Health and Safety at work - overview

Food labels and labeling - getting labels right

Allergies and allergens - Your responsibilities to allergy sufferers

Temperature control and food storage - Producing and storing food safely               

Training - making sure your staff know the rules/control the risks

Appendices: Abbreviations, references, definitions, glossary

Understanding Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations Handbook only £20