Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations - Why?

If you run a food and drinks business or work with food and drink, whether paid or for charity, Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations affect you.

Working with food and drink, you learn the skills of preparation, cooking, handling, serving and selling. You also need to know the rules.

Food Regulations cover any undertaking of any size that is involved in the producing, processing, transporting, selling or giving away anything edible – whether at a charity event or in a supermarket. It is you - the 'food business operator' (FBO) who is legally responsible for ensuring that you understand your responsibilities under the law.

Your responsibility

Understanding what the rules mean can be difficult, but it is YOUR responsibility to supply safe products to your customers. You must also be able to prove you are taking all reasonable precautions if you are asked by your Local Council. This is your defence if something goes wrong - due diligence.

Food Solutions and Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations

Bob Salmon has been involved with Food Solutions for some years. This site gave an insight into the handbook which Food Solutions produced. With regulations changing so frequently, printed material can rapidly become out of date, so Food Solutions materials have become online based.

Food Solutions produces checklists and advice sheets to help food businesses and those involved with food and drink, to understand food hygiene regulations and comply easily.

In the past, Food Solutions produced printed handbooks, much of the information is now included within our FHRS Pack and advice sheets. These can be updated online as necessary.

Understanding Food Regulations

Our Food Hygiene Rating Scheme(FHRS) Improvement Pack includes checklists and advice on specific subjects together with training and management sheets which help you demonstrate your compliance with Food Hygiene and Safety rules.

Food Solutions - helping you understand and comply with Food Hygiene, HACCP and Food Safety Regulations.

Find out more (go to Food Hygiene Ratings page on Food Solutions site)